eSIManywhere.com - is an independent eSIM review website, we run tests and researches of each eSIM provides. Our independent research helps readers to find the most suitable data plan and save money on roaming costs.

We are a team of marketers and researchers who like to compare and contrast information from multiple Sources

Our methodology

We pay full price for all the eSIM apps we test, we can provide independent reviews that are true and emulate a real user’s experience. We test the coverage, number of data plans, validity, data volume, price, speed, customer support, payment methods. Here you can compare different eSIM providers. This information helps our readers to save a lot of money on roaming fees. Read our advertising disclosure

Eric Costilia

Eric Costilia is an experienced writer, editor and researcher. His writing focuses mostly on tech, gaming. He wrote dozens of eSIM carriers reviews, which makes him an expert of this technology.

Roy Landry

Roy Landry - Researcher, data analyst who helps to us to process of gathering data for use.

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