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TooSim, established in 2023 and based in Cyprus, is a fast growing eSIM provider that offers seamless connectivity for global travelers. With its legitimate registration in Cyprus, TooSim ensures a trustworthy and reliable service. The platform provides eSIM access for 187 countries, offering a pricing range from $5 to $185 to accommodate diverse user needs and budgets.

What sets TooSim apart is its user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of acquiring and activating eSIMs. The innovative technology employed by TooSim guarantees a smooth and dependable connection, making it an ideal choice for those seeking hassle-free connectivity while traveling. Choose TooSim for a comprehensive eSIM solution that combines competitive pricing, reliability, and a commitment to keeping you connected wherever your adventures take you.

Features Review

Name toosim
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Founded Cyprus
TrustPrilot reviews 3.7
Registred 2023


Countries 187
max Validity (days) 180 days
SMS and Calls,data plan Data plan
Build in VPN no
Buid in VoIP no
Noexperation eSIM 365 days
Mobile App yes
Appstore Rating 20


min price $5.00
max price $185.00
max discount 20%


Bonus for a refferer no
Welcome bonus no


24/7 Live Support yes
Email Support yes
Phone no

Paymend Methods

Credit cards yes
PayPal yes
Crypro no
Apple pay yes
Google Pay yes
Alipay no

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TooSIM Review Summary

TooSIM is redefining the eSIM landscape with its standout features that cater to the needs of a globally connected world. With a diverse array of over 200 data packages ranging from 1GB for seven days to a substantial 50GB for 180 days, TooSIM offers unparalleled flexibility and choice. Their app's simplicity and speed stand out in the market, allowing users to purchase, install, and manage eSIMs easily.

TooSIM's focus on user experience and global connectivity makes it a unique and attractive option in the eSIM space. If you're looking for an effortless and reliable eSIM solution, try TooSIM.

Features Review

General Operation: TooSIM's operation model is commendable for its simplicity and global reach. It allows users to download their app, choose a suitable plan, install the eSIM, and connect. They offer coverage in many countries and regions, with various plans to suit user needs, from local to global connectivity. The service prides itself on stable connections without the complexity of built-in VPNs or VoIP services.


When it comes to pricing, TooSIM adopts a straightforward, upfront approach. Their plans are affordable, with options for various budgets and usage requirements. They ensure no hidden costs, making it easier for users to manage their expenses.

Bonuses and Incentives

TooSIM offers incentives, such as referral bonuses, to encourage new sign-ups. Additionally, they provide flexibility with top-up options, allowing users to add more data or extend their plan validity as needed.

Customer Support

Support is a crucial aspect of any service, and TooSIM provides reliable customer assistance through various channels, including email. While they may not offer 24/7 live support or a dedicated phone line, their commitment to resolving customer queries is evident.

Payment Methods

TooSIM accommodates a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay, among others. This flexibility makes it convenient for users to pay for their plans or packages in a manner that suits them best.

Review Summary

In summary, TooSIM"s eSIM service combines ease of use, affordability, and dependable connectivity, making it an excellent choice in the eSIM market. With its user-focused app and wide range of flexible plans, TooSIM addresses the varied needs of modern consumers. For anyone looking to simplify their digital connectivity with a reliable and cost-effective eSIM solution, TooSIM is worth considering. Experience the convenience and flexibility of TooSIM's eSIM by trying it today.

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