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Brazil, a land of samba, football, and breathtaking landscapes, is a destination that captures the heart of every traveler. From the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon rainforest, staying connected is essential for navigating and fully experiencing Brazil's rich culture and natural beauty. The best eSIM for Brazil offers tourists an efficient way to stay connected, whether they're capturing the scenic views from Sugarloaf Mountain or exploring the colonial architecture of Salvador.

Quick Guide: Best eSIM in Brazil

#1. airalo - Affordable data plans from 1GB to 50GB. Easy-to-use app, stay connected while international travel

#2. knowroaming - Price as low as $5.6/1GB. Worldwide data plans, cancel Anytime

#3. airhubapp - Best local data plans. Immediate delivery, check our eSIM installation guides

#4. holafly - Fast and helpful support team in Brazil. No roaming fees, get more with eSIM

#5. keepgo - Offers local eSIM (Brazil) for a low price. No roaming fees, don't pay extra money for roaming

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Connectivity in Brazil: Choosing Between eSIMs and Traditional Prepaid SIM Cards

Cheap eSim card for Brazil

While roaming the beaches of Copacabana or the colorful neighborhoods of São Paulo, tourists in Brazil often contemplate between traditional prepaid SIM cards and the advanced technology of eSIMs. Local carriers like Vivo, Claro, and TIM offer prepaid options, but these usually involve physical purchases and may not offer the flexibility international travelers need. eSIMs, conversely, provide a digital, hassle-free alternative, ensuring immediate connectivity upon arrival, which is crucial for tourists eager to explore destinations like Iguazu Falls or the cultural festivals of Recife.

Finding Traditional SIM Cards in Brazil

For those considering traditional SIM cards, these can be found at various locations across Brazil:

  • Airports: Like São Paulo-Guarulhos and Rio de Janeiro-Galeão, where tourists can find SIM card kiosks.
  • Local Retail Stores: In major cities, stores such as Lojas Americanas and Magazine Luiza offer various SIM card options.

However, acquiring these SIMs may present challenges, such as language barriers and understanding the specific plans offered, which eSIMs conveniently bypass.

Evaluating eSIM Costs in Brazil

Selecting an eSIM for your trip to Brazil is not only about convenience; it's also a matter of cost efficiency. Our eSIM brands offer a range of data plans at competitive prices, making them a suitable option for every kind of traveler.

eSim Data Plan Validity Price (USD) Price (EUR)
Airalo 1 GB 7 days $9 BRL 44.01
AirHubApp 3 GB 30 days $11 BRL 53.80
KeepGo 5 GB 365 days $25 BRL 122.26
Holafly Unlimited 20 days $54 BRL 264.09
KnowRoaming 1 GB 7 days $3.85 BRL 18.83

In conclusion, an eSIM is an excellent choice for travelers to Brazil, providing an effortless way to stay connected while enjoying the country’s vibrant culture and stunning natural landscapes.

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Comparing Local Prepaid SIM Cards with eSIM Advantages in Brazil

Cheap eSim card for Brazil

In Brazil, several local telecom providers offer prepaid SIM options, each with its unique plans and prices:

Vivo Brazil:

  • Standard Plan: Around BRL 30 (approx. USD 6.13) for 2GB of data.
  • Comprehensive Data Plan: Approximately BRL 50 (approx. USD 10.23) for 4GB of data.

Claro Brazil:

  • Basic Data Package: Starts at BRL 20 (approx. USD 4.09) for 1GB.
  • Larger Data Package: Priced around BRL 40 (approx. USD 8.18) for 3GB.

TIM Brazil:

  • Tourist SIM: Offers BRL 30 (approx. USD 6.13) for 1.5GB of data.
  • Extended Data Plan: About BRL 60 (approx. USD 12.27) for 5GB.

While these local SIM cards offer specific data packages, they often require visiting a store for purchase and setup, which can be inconvenient for travelers. eSIMs, on the other hand, offer instant connectivity through digital activation and provide a variety of flexible data packages.

This allows tourists to easily manage their data usage directly from their device, offering a more user-friendly experience and avoiding the need for physical SIM swaps.

1. airalo

Price Range: $3 - $62

Validity (day): 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 190 countries

With Airalo you'll always be connected to the Internet while traveling, the most expensive plan costs around $75, variety of data plans available (from 1 GB to 50GB). 5G network. Try it now. Get discount

Try AirAlo now! Validity: 7 to 30 days, starts from $1.66/GB

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57

2. knowroaming

Price Range: $4 - $55.93

Validity (day): 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 97 countries

Support is fast and helpful, the prices are also very good, 14-day eSIMs offer good value for short trips. Especially good for those who are looking to travel Brazil on a budget and for a short period of time, as low as $1.81 per GB. Supported devices: Samsung Note 20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and more. Cancel or recharge anytime

Knowroaming offers local eSIM for a low price

Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75

3. airhubapp

Price Range: $1 - $58

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Oceania

Coverage: 98 countries

Cheapest local data plans, there is also a 15-day data plan that gives you 15GB. Getting started with a Airhubapp eSIM plan is very easy because the website is so easy to navigate and use, starts at $3.96/GB. Save up to 90% on roaming in Brazil

Try Airhubapp for yourself it's fast and safe

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85

4. holafly

Price Range: $19 - $99

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 130 counties

Holafly is the easiest, useful, and most cost-effective option for traveling in Brazil that we've tested, starts at $3.96/GB, validity 7 to 30 days. Local rates. No roaming charges. Use local data plans, save up to 90% on roaming in Brazil

Take advantage of this offer now and save on roaming

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.9

5. keepgo

Price Range: $3 - $740. Special offer: 2GB free

Validity (day): 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 110 counties

Any customer requests are resolved within 24 hours, validity 7 to 30 days. The Keepgo eSIM is the best way to go if you're traveling in Brazil and don't want to pay for roaming on your home carrier, the most expensive plan costs around $75. Supported devices: Samsung Note 20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and more. Cancel or recharge anytime

Get your eSIM now. Trusted carriers only!

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.5


What coverage can I expect with an eSIM in Brazil's major cities and remote areas?

eSIMs offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring reliable internet in both bustling cities like Rio de Janeiro and remote areas like the Pantanal wetlands.

Is the activation process for eSIMs complicated in Brazil?

Activation of eSIMs is straightforward and can be completed digitally, providing immediate internet access upon arrival in Brazil.

Can I use my eSIM for both data and voice calls in Brazil?

While eSIMs are primarily for data services, voice calls can be made using various VoIP services over the eSIM’s data connection.

How do I choose the right eSIM data plan for my trip to Brazil?

Consider your itinerary and data needs, such as navigation, social media, or streaming, and select a plan that offers the right data balance and validity.

Are eSIMs compatible with all mobile devices in Brazil?

Most modern smartphones and tablets support eSIM technology. It's advisable to check your device's compatibility before traveling to Brazil.

Can I upgrade or change my eSIM data plan while traveling across Brazil?

Yes, eSIMs allow for easy management and top-ups through dedicated apps, offering hassle-free control over data usage.

Are there any specific devices more suited for eSIM usage in Brazil?

Devices that support eSIM technology, typically newer smartphone models, are well-suited for use in Brazil.

How do international roaming charges apply to eSIMs in popular Brazilian tourist spots?

Generally, eSIMs come with specific data plans, and roaming charges are either included or not applicable, making it a cost-effective option for tourists.

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