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What is KeepGo? It is a global network provider for eSIMs that operate under data plan bundles in many countries of the world. The company was founded in 2011 and is registered in Israel. Its headquarters are located in Delaware, the USA.

KeepGo enjoys its popularity due to their lifetime eSIMs that remain valid for life if you keep refilling them just once a year.

This is a good deal for those people who travel a lot because the regional plans here can provide you with the Internet access in several countries in a row on a single eSIM.

This service provider is highly appreciated by many customers. You can see more than 2K positive reviews on TrustPilot and and even more on other independent customer review sites. All in all, the total rating of this provider is 4.6, and we rate it #5 out of 16 eSIM providers we partner with.


KeepGo offers its clients eSIM plans that go in bundles working for multiple regions. It operates in more than 100 countries and regions across the world, including everything from the European Union to faraway destinations in Asia, Africa, and South America. The eSIM is usually valid for 365 days, and then you will need to refill it anyway to continue using the virtual card.

The company partners with over 400 cellular networks and operators worldwide, so you can choose between basic bundles that are cheap and are supported by one operator and bundles that will allow you to browse the Net via multiple operators. That is a perfect option for those who prefer to explore remote lands and rural areas.

So, if you want to know more about how KeepGo works, it also offers bunches of data plans for Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world. Though, you need to check prices because some plans may be more expensive than others.

The validity of eSIMs from KeepGo for life is their big advantage. You just top them off at least once a year and use them for another trip to a different destination next year. Other providers offer their plans valid for a week, two, or a month, while KeepGo can be used until you spend all provided bytes of data and continue using your eSIM if you purchase data for just $3 once a year.


The best KeepGo eSIM plans are Pisces (EU+), Antares (Europe), Sagittarius (North America), Solaris (the US), and Chamaeleon (North America). They are affordable and pretty competitive. You can pay $5-$8 for 1 GB of data and feel connected when on the go.

The minimal price per GB is $2.5 and the maximal one is $5 per GB. You can save a lot with various discounts the company offers (up to 25%), so it is obviously more effective than buying eSIMs from local operators.


KeepGo offers free 2 GB of data for each refill and a pretty rewarding referral program. You can get free 3GB of data when you invite your friend to use the service. Your friend gets the same 3GB for free.

You can get your unique referral link from Customer Support by email and share it with a potential new user.


Anyway, is KeepGo reliable? The company provides absolute support to its customers. You can use 24/7 live support via the widget on the right-hand bottom panel of the screen, write an email and get an instant answer, or utilize a toll-free phone line. For the latter, be ready to provide your line ID, which is found in "My Account."

All your personal information is 100% safe when you share it with Customer Support because there are no contracts, credit checks, and fine prints, just your email for maintaining convenient communication. All the data plans are provided with a Privacy IP address for more confidentiality.

Payment Methods

You can use all available credit cards for refilling your account, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex, as well as PayPal.

They have recently introduced an opportunity to refill the balance with cryptocurrency with a minimum payment limit. The company explains this innovation by the need to ensure even more privacy to its clients.

Features Review

Name keepgo
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Founded 2011
TrustPrilot reviews 280
Registred Israel


Countries 100+
max Validity (days)
SMS and Calls,data plan Data plan
Build in VPN no
Buid in VoIP no
Noexperation eSIM Yes
Mobile App No
Appstore Rating 0


min price $2.5
max price $5
max discount 25%


Bonus for a refferer 10% off to a friend
Welcome bonus FREE 2GB on refill


24/7 Live Support yes
Email Support yes
Phone yes

Paymend Methods

Credit cards yes
PayPal yes
Crypro no
Apple pay no
Google Pay no
Alipay no

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What is special about a KeepGo prepaid eSIM?

KeepGo offers virtual SIM cards to its customers. You can download them via the Internet, getting immediate access at affordable prices in many countries of the world. These eSIMs are compatible with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other portable device that supports the eSIM technology. You buy bundles of data plans from KeepGo, and this feature is characteristic of the company"s services.

Does the Referral Program work efficiently?

Yes, of course. If you want to get free data by referring a friend, create and share your unique referral link. You can do it via email, social media, or various forums. You will get a coupon for 3GB. It is valid for life, but you can start using it only if someone uses your link to buy an eSIM and a bundle of data plans. Your referred friend will also get such a coupon for the company"s LIfetime line worth 3 free GB.

How can I install an eSIM on my iOS device?

After you have added the eSIM to your device, you need to follow the instructions for activating an eSIM plan in your iOS settings. When you complete this process, you will be able to use this data right away. You can ask Customer Support for help anytime you feel that installing and activating your eSIM is challenging.

Where can I find my current data balance?

Checking your balance is essential for feeling secure. You can do it by going to your account and navigating to eSIM Lines on the left sidebar. There, you will see your current balance. To make the checking process more convenient, you can add the My Account button to the home screen to access your eSIM info quickly.

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