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Stay connected to the Internet while traveling in eSim for Android. Check out the best eSIM carriers in the region. Easy and quick installation by scanning QR code. No need to swap physical SIM anymore.

List of thе Best eSIM for Android

#1. airalo - Cheapest data plans, $3 bonus for friend you refer. Price from $1.60/gig

#2. airhubapp - Easy-to-use app, live chat support. Worldwide eSIM Data Plans, affordable Rates

#3. knowroaming - Excellent coverage, 5G network, no Additional Charges. Validity: 7,30,180 days

#4. keepgo - 160+ countries coverage. Easy and quick installation by scanning QR code

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Other eSim Carriers

The benefits of integrating an eSIM into Android devices are considerable. eSIMs are more convenient than traditional SIM cards, simplifying the management of mobile services and providing uninterrupted connectivity regardless of your location.

Identifying the Perfect eSIM Provider for Your Android Device

Selecting the most appropriate eSIM provider for your Android device is crucial. Considerations should include the extent of the provider's network coverage, guaranteeing uninterrupted service in your key locations. The affordability and value of their plans are also significant.

The caliber of customer service is vital, as efficient and timely support can be a lifesaver. Moreover, features tailored explicitly for Android users offered by eSIM providers can significantly sway your decision.

Top eSIM Applications and Services in 2023

Cheap eSim card for Android

  • Airalo: Covering over 190 countries, Airalo offers Android users affordable and diverse data plans for seamless international connectivity. Its ease of use and competitive pricing make it a preferred choice for international travelers.
  • Airhubapp: Gaining recognition for its user-friendly application, Airhubapp offers broad coverage and diverse data plans, meeting different user preferences. Its seamless compatibility with Android devices and unique features like instant activation highlight its appeal.
  • Knowroaming: Esteemed for its economical global roaming solutions, Knowroaming presents specialized packages for international travelers, ensuring a smooth experience with its Android-compatible eSIM.
  • Holafly: Designed with travelers in mind, Holafly's eSIM provides extensive coverage in major global destinations. Its seamless compatibility with Android phones and dedicated customer support make it an excellent travel partner.
  • Keepgo: Renowned for its dependable connectivity solutions, Keepgo presents a variety of data plans suitable for different user needs. Its commitment to quality customer service and features like easy data top-ups enhance its attractiveness to Android users.
  • Ubigi: Focused on global accessibility, Ubigi offers customized eSIM solutions, emphasizing broad connectivity options.
  • Yesim: Noted for its straightforward setup and competitive pricing, Yesim is a practical option for Android users seeking user-friendly eSIM solutions.
  • Nomad eSIM: Ideal for constant travelers, Nomad eSIM provides extensive global coverage, making it a reliable choice for those always on the move.
  • RedTeaGO: Recognized for its innovative and flexible eSIM solutions, RedTeaGO caters to a wide range of connectivity requirements.
  • Numero eSIM: Known for its unique approach to international connectivity, Numero eSIM is a notable contender in the eSIM marketplace.

Our Top Product Picks

  • 190 countries and regions
  • Cheapest Data Plans
  • Earn $3 for referral
  • 24/7/365 Support
Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57
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  • Review
Region Data Plan Validity Price
America 10GB 30 days $26
Europe 10GB 30 days $37
Asia 5GB 30 days $20
Global 5GB 30 days $35
  • Instant connectivity
  • Affordable Rates
  • Worldwide Data Plans
  • Best Customer Support
Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85
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  • Review
Region Data Plan Validity Price
America 3GB 30 day $11
Europe 8GB 14 day $25
Europe 5GB 30 day $15
Global 3GB 30 day $20
  • Over 200 countries
  • No App Needed
  • Trusted providers
  • Support by WhatsApp
Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75
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  • Review
Region Data Plan Validity Price
America 1GB 7 day $3.85
Europe 5GB 30 day $22
Global 5GB 30 day $50
Global 1GB 15 day $12
  • Worldwide Data Plans
  • Mobile Data Sharing
  • High Quality Internet
Save 20% 1 GB from $5.00
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  • Review
Region Data Plan Validity Price
America 5GB 30 days $35
Europe 10GB 60 days $59
Asia 5GB 30 days $35
  • Easy to Activate
  • High Quality Internet
  • Prepaid Data Plans
  • Seamless Activation
Save 25% 1 GB from $2.5
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Region Data Plan Validity Price
America 1GB 365 day $7.50
America 5GB 365 day $25
Europe 100MB 365 day $3
Asia 5GB 365 day $43

1. Airalo: Unparalleled Global Connectivity

Price Range: $3 - $62

Validity (day): 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 190 countries


Airalo is a leader in eSIM technology, particularly for Android enthusiasts seeking comprehensive global coverage. With its presence in over 190 countries, Airalo ensures consistent connectivity, no matter your destination. Its interface is easy to use, facilitating smooth transitions between data plans.

Airalo's data packages are competitively priced, catering to frequent travelers' needs. The compatibility of Airalo with Android devices is commendable, ensuring optimized performance. Users often praise Airalo for its reliability and ease of use, especially regarding international connectivity.

In summary, Airalo excels in the eSIM arena with its vast global coverage, affordability, and user-friendly design, making it an outstanding choice for Android users in 2023.


Try AirAlo now! Validity: 7 to 30 days, starts from $1.66/GB

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57

2. Airhubapp: Innovating eSIM Solutions for Android

Price Range: $1 - $58

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Oceania

Coverage: 98 countries


Airhubapp is swiftly establishing itself in the Android user community with its progressive approach to eSIM technology. The Airhubapp eSIM is acclaimed for its straightforward and efficient app interface, simplifying mobile data management. The app's intuitive design makes it accessible even to those new to eSIM technology.

Airhubapp's extensive coverage ensures constant connectivity in most parts of the world. The pricing models for Airhubapp's eSIM cater to a broad spectrum of users, from occasional to heavy data consumers.

Airhubapp offers specific advantages for Android users, such as seamless device integration and customized data plans, enhancing the overall mobile experience. Features like instant activation and flexible plan adjustments position Airhubapp as a leading choice for Android users seeking a reliable and versatile connectivity solution.


Try Airhubapp for yourself it's fast and safe

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85

3. Knowroaming: Seamless Global Roaming for Android Enthusiasts

Price Range: $4 - $55.93

Validity (day): 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 97 countries


Knowroaming has become a top choice for Android users seeking efficient global roaming eSIM solutions. The provider excels in offering cost-effective roaming data plans, making international travel more economical. Knowroaming's eSIM integrates seamlessly with Android devices, ensuring a fluid user experience.

A standout aspect of Knowroaming is its tailored roaming packages, specifically designed for international travelers. These packages, which include options like unlimited data in certain regions, enable users to stay connected without worrying about excessive costs. Knowroaming's service primarily benefits those who regularly travel across different countries, offering ease, coverage, and affordability.


Knowroaming offers local eSIM for a low price

Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75

4. toosim

Price Range: $5 - $185

Validity (day): 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 187 countries


TooSim - good value for short trips validity up to 180 days, cut roaming data fees.


Try TooSim! Validity: 7 to 30 days, starts from $5/GB

Save 20% 1 GB from $5.00

5. Keepgo: Consistent Connectivity for Android Users

Price Range: $3 - $740. Special offer: 2GB free

Validity (day): 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 110 counties


Keepgo is celebrated for its robust eSIM services, meeting the connectivity needs of Android users. The provider offers a diverse selection of eSIM data plans, ensuring a suitable choice for every type of user. From basic data plans for light users to extensive packages for heavy data usage, Keepgo provides a comprehensive range.

What distinguishes Keepgo is its dedication to delivering top-notch customer service. The provider's support team is known for being responsive and helpful, effectively addressing user queries or concerns. For Android users, Keepgo's eSIM service is enhanced by easy data top-ups and broad multi-country coverage, making it a versatile choice for domestic and international use. This focus on reliability and customer satisfaction establishes Keepgo as a trusted option for Android users seeking stable, flexible mobile connectivity.


Get your eSIM now. Trusted carriers only!

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.5

6. Ubigi: Customized Connectivity for the Global Traveler

Ubigi is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers for its specialized eSIM services. The Ubigi eSIM is notable for its custom-designed data plans, crafted explicitly for travelers, offering flexibility and ease. Whether it's a short business trip or an extended vacation, Ubigi has a program that fits your travel needs.

Ubigi eSim on Android Review

Ubigi offers extensive global coverage, ensuring that Android users can stay connected in most parts of the world with minimal hassle. The integration of Ubigi's eSIM with Android devices is smooth and user-friendly, simplifying data management for travelers.

Ubigi's regional eSIM plans are particularly beneficial for those traveling to specific destinations, providing tailored solutions that cater to regional connectivity requirements. This focus on customized plans and seamless integration with Android devices positions Ubigi as a top choice for travelers seeking a dependable and convenient eSIM option.

7. Yesim: The Modern Traveler's eSIM Solution

Yesim stands out as a tailored solution for today's travelers, offering an eSIM service that is versatile and user-friendly. Renowned for its quick and effortless activation, Yesim enables travelers to connect rapidly and efficiently, a feature greatly appreciated by Android users who value convenience.

Yesim on Android Review

The range of data packages Yesim offers caters to various travel needs, from short-term trips to longer journeys. These packages balance flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing travelers to choose a plan that best fits their itinerary.

Compatibility with Android smartphones is a crucial strength of Yesim's service. The provider ensures that its eSIM solutions integrate seamlessly with Android devices, enhancing the overall user experience. With a focus on roaming solutions and various data options, Yesim emerges as a top choice for travelers searching for a dependable and adaptable eSIM service.

8. Nomad eSIM: Worldwide Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Nomad eSIM is renowned for ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for its users, regardless of location. With its global coverage, Nomad eSIM is an excellent choice for avid travelers and business professionals. This extensive reach ensures Android users can maintain connectivity across various international destinations.

Nomad eSIM on Android Review

Special promotions tailored for Android users are a hallmark of Nomad's offerings. These promotions, designed to provide added value, such as bonus data or discounted rates, enhance the attractiveness of Nomad for Android users. Additionally, Nomad's quality of customer support is noteworthy, focusing on delivering a satisfying user experience.

Nomad eSIM is a leading global eSIM provider for Android users, offering extensive international data plans and a user-friendly experience.

9. RedTeaGO: Reasonable and Modifiable Connectivity

RedTeaGO is carving a niche in the eSIM landscape, focusing on affordability and adaptability. Targeting budget-conscious users, RedTeaGO's eSIM offers flexible plans that deliver quality and coverage without breaking the bank. This approach makes it appealing for Android users looking for cost-effective connectivity options.

RedTeaGO eSIM on Android Review

The versatility of RedTeaGO's data plans is a significant advantage. Whether it's a modest data package for a short trip or a more comprehensive program for more extended travels, RedTeaGO offers a spectrum of options to suit different requirements. This adaptability extends to the provider's approach to plan adjustments and top-ups, ensuring users can easily modify their plans as their travel needs evolve.

For Android users, RedTeaGO represents easy integration and management of their eSIM. The provider's emphasis on flexible data options and affordability positions RedTeaGO as an attractive choice for those searching for a versatile and budget-friendly eSIM service.

10. Numero eSIM: More Than Just Connectivity

Numero eSIM sets itself apart in the eSIM market with its innovative offerings beyond standard data services. This provider is mainly known for its virtual phone number feature, which allows users to have multiple phone numbers from different countries on a single device. This feature is handy for travelers and business professionals who must maintain a local presence in various regions.

Numero eSIM on Android Review

In addition to virtual phone numbers, Numero eSIM provides VPN services, enhancing the security and privacy of its users. This is particularly beneficial for those who frequently use public Wi-Fi networks or need to access region-restricted content. The performance of Numero eSIM on Android devices is impressive, offering smooth integration and a user-friendly interface.

For Android users, Numero eSIM means staying connected through data and enjoying additional features like virtual phone numbers and secure internet access, making it a comprehensive connectivity solution.

How to activate your eSIM on Android

To activate an eSIM on your Android device, confirm compatibility, purchase a plan, receive a QR code from the provider, and scan it in Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Add. Follow on-screen instructions to complete activation. Steps may vary depending on your device and provider.

Ensuring eSIM Compatibility with Your Android Device

Before you opt for an eSIM, ensuring that your Android device supports this technology is crucial. Most modern Android smartphones are eSIM compatible, but it's always best to check. You can usually find this information in the device's specifications or by contacting the manufacturer.

If your device is not eSIM compatible, consider upgrading to a newer model that supports this technology. Here's a list of popular Android devices known for their eSIM compatibility:

  • Google Pixel series (Pixel 2 and newer)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, and newer models
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Flip series
  • Motorola Razr 2019
  • Huawei P40, P40 Pro

This list is not exhaustive, and new models are continually being released, so always check the latest device specifications for eSIM compatibility.

Navigating the Future: eSIMs and the Android Ecosystem

The trajectory of eSIM technology, especially for Android devices, is highly promising. eSIMs are set to redefine our approach to mobile connectivity, offering increased flexibility, streamlined management of multiple networks, and an overall smoother user experience.

As eSIM technology evolves, we can expect even deeper integration with Android devices. This progression will likely introduce new features, enhanced security, and improved connectivity options. The impact of eSIMs on mobile usage is significant, heralding a new era in mobile technology trends.

The synergy between Android and eSIM technology is an exciting prospect, promising a future where connectivity is more accessible, secure, and tailored to individual needs. Android users can look forward to a more connected and efficient mobile experience as this technology develops.


How do eSIMs transform Android phone usage?

eSIMs, integrated SIM solutions, revolutionize Android usage by offering seamless mobile plan activation and management directly from your device settings, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.

Key factors when picking an eSIM service for Android?

Key aspects include the breadth of network reach, cost-effectiveness of plans, and excellence in customer support. Android-specific features from eSIM services can also sway your choice.

What steps are involved in activating an eSIM on Android phones?

Activation includes verifying device compatibility, selecting and purchasing a plan, and then scanning a QR code provided by your eSIM provider under the Mobile Network settings on your phone.

Can one Android device hold multiple eSIM profiles?

Many Android smartphones enable the storage of several eSIM profiles, allowing users to switch between carriers or data plans effortlessly, ideal for travel or separate business/personal use.

What are some eSIM options for Android users in 2023?

Notable providers include Airalo, offering expansive global coverage, and Holafly, known for its travel-focused plans. Others like Keepgo and Ubigi also provide varied data plans catering to different user needs.

How does eSIM technology align with future mobile trends for Android?

eSIMs are paving the way for a new era in mobile tech, with the potential for enhanced security, more integrated features, and personalized connectivity experiences for Android users.

Are there any specific Android models known for eSIM compatibility?

Models like Google Pixel 2 and newer, Samsung Galaxy S20 series onwards, and the Motorola Razr 2019 are known for eSIM support. Always check the latest specs for eSIM compatibility in new Android models.

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