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From the grandeur of Muscat's Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to the serene beauty of Wadi Shab, using eSIM in Oman offers easy access to the internet, enhancing your journey through this Arabian jewel

Quick Summary of the Best eSIM in Oman

#1. airalo - Long stay plans, visit website. Great choice if you travel in Oman

#2. knowroaming - Immediate Internet access in Oman. No contract, see all data plans

#3. airhubapp - Saves up to 90% on Roaming in Oman. Live chat support, see all data plans

#4. holafly - Saves money while traveling, follow our installation guides. Fast, reliable and secure in Oman

#5. keepgo - Oman eSIM, from $1.95/gig. Safer than public Wi-Fi, stay connected while international travel

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Local SIM Options vs. Global eSIM

Cheap eSim card for Muscat

In Oman, local telecom providers such as Omantel, Ooredoo, and VIVA cater to tourists with a range of prepaid SIM options, though these come with certain limitations compared to eSIMs:

  • Omantel: As a prominent provider, Omantel offers tourist packages like a plan for OMR 5 that includes 2 GB of data, suitable for short stays. However, purchasing these requires in-person store visits, which can be inconvenient for travelers immediately after arrival.
  • Ooredoo: Known for its extensive coverage, Ooredoo"s prepaid plans are tailored for visitors, starting at OMR 7 for 3 GB of data. Despite their comprehensive coverage, the fixed data limits and the necessity to physically acquire and set up the SIM card can be restrictive compared to the flexibility of eSIMs.

In contrast, eSIMs deliver several advantages over these traditional options:

  • Instant Activation: eSIMs are activated digitally, eliminating the need to find a store and purchase a physical SIM card upon arrival in Oman.
  • Flexible Data Plans: eSIMs offer a variety of data plans that can be tailored to your specific needs, unlike the more rigid plans of local carriers.
  • Ease of Management: With eSIMs, you can manage your data plan directly from your device, making it easier to track usage and top-up as needed.
  • Simple Experience: eSIMs provide a smoother experience for international travelers without physical SIM swaps or dealing with potential language barriers at local stores.

eSIMs: Saving Money for Travelers in Oman (Price list)

Adopting an eSIM for your journey in Oman is not just about ease of use; it's also a matter of cost. Our eSIM appsoffer a range of data plans, providing affordable solutions compared to traditional SIM.

eSim Data Plan Validity Price (USD) Price (OMR)
Airalo 3 GB 30 days $10 OMR 3.8
AirHubApp 1 GB 7 days $4.5 OMR 1.71
KeepGo 1 GB 365 days $49 OMR 18.62
Holafly Unlimited 5 days $44 OMR 16.72
KnowRoaming 5 GB 30 days $35 OMR 13.3

In summary, choosing the right eSIM for your Oman adventure ensures stable internet connection, enabling you to explore everything from Oman’s bustling markets to its tranquil deserts.

Our Top Product Picks

  • Best customer support
  • Safer than public Wi-Fi
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Easier network switching
Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57
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  • Avoid accidental charges
  • Instant connectivity
  • Simple Setup Process
  • No contract
Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75
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  • Top-notch security
  • Long-term traveling plans
  • Simple Setup Process
  • Installation tutorials
Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85
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  • Near-local price
  • Good user experience
  • Immediate delivery
  • Buy & install an eSIM online
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  • Galaxy Z Flip supported
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Where to Buy Prepaid SIMs in Oman: A Brief Overview

Cheap eSim card for Oman

For travelers inclined towards traditional SIM cards, these can be found at places like:

  • Muscat International Airport: Offering SIM card kiosks right at arrivals for immediate access.
  • Major Shopping Centers: In cities like Muscat, Nizwa, and Salalah, various telecom outlets are available.

However, this route may present challenges such as potential language barriers and the time spent locating and registering a SIM card, which eSIMs effortlessly circumvent.

1. airalo

Price Range: $3 - $62

Validity (day): 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 190 countries

Airalo has a great coverage, live customer support chat and affordable plans, Airalo allows you to buy data plans directly through the app. various of data available at very cheap price, the starter prepaid plan in Oman is only $8.5. Manually installation available: open Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. The validity period starts at the installation

Try AirAlo now! Validity: 7 to 30 days, starts from $1.66/GB

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57

2. knowroaming

Price Range: $4 - $55.93

Validity (day): 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 97 countries

Try it when your travel to Oman, as low as $1.81 per GB. Knowroaming is offered in over 180 countries around the world. Get 5%-10% off now, use coupon code to buy eSIM, this plan only comes with 1GB of data, but for many travelers, that might be all they need. No contract

Knowroaming offers local eSIM for a low price

Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75

3. airhubapp

Price Range: $1 - $58

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Oceania

Coverage: 98 countries

Instant connectivity with global coverage, data plan from 1GB- 20GB. With Airhubapp, it's incredibly easy to get a local eSIM when you are abroad, starts at $2.60/gig. Supported devices: iPhone XS, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S21+ and more. Try it when your travel to Oman

Try Airhubapp for yourself it's fast and safe

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85

4. holafly

Price Range: $19 - $99

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 130 counties

Cheapest local data plans, there is also a 15-day data plan that gives you 15GB. Holafly eSIM has become an excellent option for to stay connected without wifi or roaming while you'are abroad, starts at $3.96/GB. Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy S20, s20+ and S20 Ultra(Single SIM Nano-SIM and/or eSIM models ), Samsung Galaxy Fold and more. Stay connected while international travel

Take advantage of this offer now and save on roaming

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.9

5. keepgo

Price Range: $3 - $740. Special offer: 2GB free

Validity (day): 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 110 counties

Use local data plans, save up to 90% on roaming in Oman, starts at $3.96/GB. Keepgo is the best eSIM card for traveling throughout Oman, various data plans from 100MB up to 50GB. No contract

Get your eSIM now. Trusted carriers only!

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.5


How does eSIM coverage in Oman’s cities and rural areas compare?

eSIMs in Oman offer robust coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity in urban centers and key tourist destinations nationwide.

What are the steps for setting up my eSIM upon arrival to Oman?

Activate your eSIM before your trip to ensure instant internet access when you arrive in Oman

Can I manage my eSIM data plan easily while traveling across the country?

Yes, eSIMs enable easy management and top-up of your data plan through user-friendly apps, perfect for on-the-go adjustments.

Can an eSIM be used in Oman for both data and voice services?

eSIMs primarily offer data services. For voice calls, you can use VoIP services or maintain your existing number if your home carrier supports international roaming.

How do I know if my device is compatible with eSIMs?

Check your device specifications or contact your manufacturer to ensure it supports eSIM technology before traveling to Oman.

Can I switch between different networks with an eSIM?

eSIMs allow switching between various networks or data plans, depending on the service provider's offerings and compatibility in Oman.

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