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Get eSIM to travel in Qatar with no roaming fees. 5G data plan available. It is very easy to install as an additional SIM. Don't pay extra money for roaming anymore.

List of thе Best eSIM in Qatar (2024)

#1. airalo - Plans start at 1 GB and stretch up to 50GB (Qatar). Validity 7-180 days, avoid expensive bills

#2. knowroaming - Qatar eSIM, from $1.95/gig. 4G LTE Speed, save on roaming

#3. airhubapp - Best Traveller Plans in Qatar. Live chat support, visit website

#4. holafly - Easy-to-use Android app. Mobile data Sharing, stay connected while international travel

#5. keepgo - No contract, no commitment, see all data plans. Price as low as $5.6/1GB for Qatar

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eSIMs vs Prepaid SIM Cards for Qatar

In Qatar, there are two options for mobile connectivity: eSIMs and prepaid SIM cards. While prepaid SIM cards have been the traditional choice for most users, eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use.

One of the biggest advantages of using an eSIM is hassle-free access to the internet. With an eSIM, there is no need to insert a SIM card into your device physically. Instead, you can simply download and activate your mobile plan on your eSIM-compatible device, and you are ready to go!

This means you can easily live stream your favorite TV shows or movies, share photos and videos on social media and communicate with friends and family using various messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber.

Cheap eSim card for Qatar

And when you"re out and about exploring all that Qatar has to offer, you can effortlessly navigate to must-see sights like the magnificent Aspire Tower, the magnificent Museum of Islamic Art, and the stunning Katara Cultural Village using your eSIM-enabled device.

In contrast, prepaid SIM cards can be time-consuming and cumbersome to activate, requiring trips to the mobile provider"s store to purchase and physically insert the SIM card into your device.

Additionally, the data and call packages offered by prepaid SIM cards may not always meet your needs, leading to the need to recharge frequently or top-up the card. This complicated process can be challenging for non-Arabic speakers in Qatar.

If you are looking for a hassle-free and convenient mobile connectivity option for your travels in Qatar, then an eSIM is your best bet. With an eSIM, you can easily stay connected to your loved ones and explore all of Qatar's beautiful and amazing places.

Best Prepaid Sim Cards in Qatar

If you're planning to visit Qatar and need a reliable prepaid sim card, you can now leverage the benefits of eSIMs. This digital technology allows you to enjoy hassle-free activation, easy switching, and instant access to high-speed internet services. Compared to physical sim cards, eSIMs provide greater flexibility and convenience, especially for those who frequently travel or change their mobile number.

Qatar is home to a myriad of notable tourist attractions, including the iconic Doha Corniche promenade, the mesmerizing skyline of West Bay, and the world-famous Museum of Islamic Art.

All of these sites and more can be easily explored using a prepaid eSIM card, which offers extensive coverage across Qatar and the Middle East.

To get the best prepaid eSIM in Qatar, you can choose from various options offered by popular telecom providers such as Ooredoo or Vodafone. These eSIMs come loaded with

  • Attractive data packages
  • Value-added services, and
  • Affordable rates that suit every budget.

Using a prepaid eSIM in Qatar is also a great way to save money on your phone bill.

By choosing a plan that matches your usage patterns, you can minimize your expenses and enjoy uninterrupted internet access while visiting popular landmarks like the Pearl Island, Aspire Tower, or the Souq Waqif marketplace.

So, whether you're in Qatar for business or pleasure, opting for a prepaid eSIM card ensures a smooth and seamless mobile experience. Relying on this advanced digital technology enhances your connectivity and helps you stay connected to what's important during your travels.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy eSIMs in Qatar

If you are thinking of buying traditional SIM cards for your mobile device, you might want to reconsider. eSIMs have revolutionized the telecommunications industry by offering a much cheaper and more convenient option for mobile connectivity.

In Qatar, eSIMs are readily available from telecom providers such as Ooredoo and Vodafone. With eSIMs, you don't have to worry about purchasing physical SIM cards or waiting in long queues at stores. All you need to do is download the eSIM profile and activate it on your device.

Provider Data Plan Validity Price
Airalo 10GB 30 days €37
KnowRoaming 5GB 30 days €22
AirHubApp 8GB 14 days €25
Holafly Unlimited 5 days €19
KeepGo 100MB 365 days €3

Not only are eSIMs more convenient than traditional SIMs, but they are also much cheaper. The cost of buying a traditional SIM card can range from QAR 50 to QAR 150 depending on the provider and the plan you choose.

However, with eSIMs, you can enjoy a more flexible pricing structure that typically provides more value for your money. You can easily switch between different plans, add or remove features, and customize your usage according to your needs.

Furthermore, eSIMs offer a range of benefits that go beyond cost savings.

With an eSIM, you can easily connect to global networks, activate multiple device profiles simultaneously, and enjoy seamless connectivity for different applications such as mobile data, voice calling, and messaging.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a cheaper and more convenient alternative to traditional SIM cards in Qatar, eSIMs are definitely worth considering. Make the switch today and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free connectivity and cost savings.

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  • Starts from $1.60/gig
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  • Lower communication costs
  • Prepaid data plans
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Where To Buy a SIM in Qatar

If you are traveling to Qatar and need to purchase a local SIM card for your mobile device, there are several options available for you to choose from.

It"s important to note that, as per Qatari regulations, non-native residents of Qatar are not permitted to purchase local SIM cards.

Supermarkets such as Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, and Al Meera are popular spots for purchasing Qatari SIM cards. You can check with the customer service desk at these locations for assistance buying a SIM card.

The Hamad International Airport in Doha also has several vendors offering prepaid SIM cards for travelers arriving in the country.

Ooredoo and Vodafone are the two major telecom providers in Qatar, and you will find their stores and kiosks throughout the airport. The SIM cards are affordable and come with data, call and text packages.

If you are looking for more options, you can also visit the Ooredoo and Vodafone stores outside the airports, spread throughout the city, where you can buy SIM cards.

Besides, you can also purchase SIM cards from independent mobile phone vendors, such as

  • Techno Blue
  • iSpot, and
  • Jumbo Electronics,

which are present in many malls across the city.

It is easy to find a SIM card in Qatar from

  • Major supermarkets
  • Airports, and
  • Mobile phone stores.

However, as mentioned earlier, only native residents of the country are allowed to buy SIM cards.

Ensure you have the documentation and identification to prove your residency status before purchasing a SIM.

1. airalo

Price Range: $3 - $62

Validity (day): 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 190 countries

Stay connected while international travel, starts at $3.96/GB. Airalo offers multiple data plans that are specifically designed for using in Qatar, there are a couple of good data plans for travelers - 5GB, 15GB and 50GB. No contract

Try AirAlo now! Validity: 7 to 30 days, starts from $1.66/GB

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.57

2. knowroaming

Price Range: $4 - $55.93

Validity (day): 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, 90, 180

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 97 countries

Knowroaming saves your time - no more searching for a local SIM cards and changing phone number, the most expensive plan costs around $75, 14-day eSIMs offer good value for short trips. Especially for heavy-data users. We definitely recommend this esim carries for Qatar

Knowroaming offers local eSIM for a low price

Save 30% 1 GB from $1.75

3. airhubapp

Price Range: $1 - $58

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Oceania

Coverage: 98 countries

Helpful support team makes Airhubapp very popular, Airhubapp's eSIM has become an excellent option for staying connected without wifi or roaming while you'are abroad. various data plans from 100MB up to 50GB, starts at $2.60/gig. Setup is simple and easy. Just scan QR code. We definitely recommend this esim carries for Qatar

Try Airhubapp for yourself it's fast and safe

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.85

4. holafly

Price Range: $19 - $99

Validity (day): 3, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: over 130 counties

Keep using your home WhatsApp number, starts at $2.60/gig. Holafly is so simple and a great option for those who want to continue using their phone while traveling and avoid any data roaming issues, there are a couple of good data plans for travelers - 5GB, 15GB and 50GB. Live chat support 24/7

Take advantage of this offer now and save on roaming

Save 15% 1 GB from $1.9

5. keepgo

Price Range: $3 - $740. Special offer: 2GB free

Validity (day): 365

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Regions: Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Oceania

Coverage: 110 counties

No contract, data plan from 1GB- 20GB. Lots of data connectivity option for Qatar, as low as $1.81 per GB. Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Google Pixel 2 and more. Keep using your home WhatsApp number

Get your eSIM now. Trusted carriers only!

Save 25% 1 GB from $2.5


What is an eSIM and how does it work?

An eSIM is an electronic SIM card that is embedded in a device such as a phone or tablet. It functions the same as a physical SIM card, allowing the device to connect to a cellular network, but without the need for a physical card to be inserted.

Can I switch between different mobile operators with an eSIM?

Yes, you can switch between different mobile operators by downloading their eSIM profile onto your device. This allows you to activate different plans and services without having to physically switch SIM cards.

Can I still use a physical SIM card if my device has an eSIM?

Yes, most devices with eSIM capabilities also have a slot for a physical SIM card. This allows you to use both SIM cards simultaneously, allowing you to switch between different networks or use different plans for different purposes.

What are the benefits of using an eSIM over a physical SIM card?

An eSIM provides additional convenience and flexibility as you can switch between different mobile operators and plans without having to physically replace your SIM card. It also allows for easier international roaming and can save space in your device as there is no need for a physical SIM card slot.

How do I activate an eSIM on my device?

You can activate an eSIM by scanning a QR code provided by your mobile operator or by manually entering the activation code. Once activated, your device will automatically connect to your chosen mobile operator's network.

Can I transfer my existing phone number to an eSIM?

Yes, you can transfer your existing phone number to an eSIM by contacting your current mobile operator and requesting a transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you can download the eSIM profile from your new mobile operator and activate it on your device.

Are eSIMs available for all types of devices in Qatar?

No, eSIMs are only available for devices that support the technology. Currently, the most popular devices that support eSIMs in Qatar include iPhones, certain Samsung Galaxy devices, and Google Pixel phones. It is important to check whether your device is compatible with eSIM technology before attempting to activate an eSIM.

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